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I used to be fat. During my four years of college, my lifestyle consisted mostly of working in front of a computer, tight deadlines, all nighters and very poor eating habits. By the time I graduated, I weighed 185lbs, was a size 13, and 35% body fat! I was frustrated and knew it was time to make a change. I did split-body routines and went through the motions at the gym for about a year but did not see results until I cancelled my gym membership and began training with KettleWorx.

I live a very fast paced lifestyle as a designer. Between my busy schedules, overtime, and responsibilities, I don't always have time to go to the gym and workout for an hour. Ryan's KettleWorx workouts reshaped my body and took my training to the next level. It was the most effective and efficient workout program I had ever done. I got more out of my workouts in less time. With compound movements that engage every muscle and work the body as one unit, I was getting strength, cardio, core, and flexibility training all at once - a benefit that cannot be achieved on a machine. In just under a year, I lost a total of 45lbs, 20 inches off my entire body, went from 35% body fat to 9%, and dropped 7 dress sizes. My energy levels have never been higher. I got leaner and realized my full athletic potential - gaining explosive strength, power, endurance, speed, agility, and muscle tone. Ryan's high-energy workouts helped firm and tighten all my trouble spots. I now have flat abs, strong lean legs, defined calf muscles, toned arms, and greater strength in my back and shoulders. The fat just melted off my body and my metabolism is revved!

I'm much more confident, live a very active, healthy lifestyle, and am no longer self conscious about wearing a bikini on the beach. I got the results I wanted and FAST! I used to be fat, now I look and feel like an elite athlete!

KettleWorx WORKS!

- Estella H

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After having my daughter, I never thought I would be able to lose weight. Ryan, your kettlebell workouts got me back into great shape in less than 2 months.

Thank you.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am that I purchased the Kettleworx Fitness Program. I must admit I was a little sceptical about the program to start with, with all the hype in the introduction DVD I just did not believe that it would work. But in this instance I have been proved wrong. The DVD’s are easy to understand and give me a great work out in a very short time. I can see that my body shape has changed and I am sure the more I use the program the better the results will be. I have always been a gym person but I became so bored with the mundane work at the gym along with the monthly cost involved that I gave it up. I am 100% happy with Kettleworx and would recommend it to anyone who is short of time and wants to tone up and keep fit without paying expensive gym fees. I will shortly be purchasing the 10lb kettlebell and hope that this will give me even better results!

5/3/2010 - Jill Collingwood


I'm so happy with the products! I can't say enough about Kettleworx! I am so addicted to using them and like Ryan says - the harder you work - the more results you'll get. It is so true! I've had too much "padding" around my thighs and bum for years that never shifted despite walking a lot - like 5-6 miles a day for school runs and walking the dog. I tried Kettleworx dvds and am now hooked. I do them everyday - even if it's just 10 - 20 min and what a fantastic difference. My husband is amazed and wants to give it a go himself. As an American expat living in the UK for 20 yrs., I only just heard about Kettlebells - but once I started using them and telling my US friends, I found out they have been using them all along! This is something that should not be kept a secret from the rest of the world!

Thank you Ryan and Kettleworx!
Karen Billing

"I purchased Kettle Worx a few months back and I find the workouts fantastic. I was a member of my local gym for years and felt that it just wasn't getting me anywhere and quite frankly it was a waste of money. One of my friends recommended Kettle Worx to me and I thought what the hell I'll give it a try. I'm not usually a fan of exercise dvds as I find I lose interest with them pretty quickly but not only do I find the exercises used in Kettle Worx highly effective but also good fun. Although some what cheesy in parts (which does amuse me) I find Ryan highly motivating through out the 20 min sessions and throughout each set he clearly explains what each exercise should be achieving and you can feel it working. The great thing about Kettle Worx is that I actually go home after a long day at work and look forward to doing my Kettle Worx dvds, I enjoy it and most of all I can see a difference in my physique. I would happily recommend Kettle Worx to any of my friends."

Jessica Powell

I purchased your atch me and picked up one of the Kettlebells. This after many years of never wanting to touch any of the dumbbells, plates, etc in my gym. Your use of those fit yet feminine women in the DVD made it seem okay for her to try. For the first time ever she's doing some regular resistance training. I've seen other kettlebell DVDs and yours is the best.


I did the first workout this morning and was sucking wind. I've realized that this is exactly what I want. Get everything done at once (cardio, toning, flexibility), do it quick and make it fun enough not to get bored. I've always had trouble coming up with rotations that were balanced and fit everything in without working out at least an hour a day (which I don't really want to do anymore).


My daughter and I bought your KettleWorx DVD. We started to get serious this week, She did her workout yesterday and I today. She is 17 and I'm 44 and we both look forward to improving our health and mental outlook. She is picky when it comes to work outs. When I got home last night she said she really felt the burn and she liked the instructions, very easy for someone who is not coordinated. That's me and her. lol

Joyce 'n Ashley

Received the DVD, I absolutely love it. I think it is great to have so many different workouts so I don't get board. Love the ab workout!! That is a spot that I really need to work on.

Thanks again

Overall, I have made great improvements both physically and mentally thus far and can't thank you enough. I look and feel great heading down to the Bahamas on Thursday. Thank you!


Just back from New Zealand where I had a great time. Thank you so much for helping me get in such great shape. We had to deal with sun wind rain and snow but that is the only thing I had to contend with. Because of your KettleWorx workouts, not a sore muscle anywhere, anytime.


Ryan you have changed my life. Thank you for your rock star kettlebell workouts.


Ryan..Your DVD's are awesome. Wow, what a work out. I am actually addicted!!! Calories are dropping fast!


Thanks for all your help AND motivation. I'm down 20 lbs since February with your kettlebell work out DVD and I told you before how you've changed my wife's life. She's turning into a new person.


It would be an understatement to say that the Ryan Shanahan's work out method has helped me get in shape; Not only have I lost weight and toned muscles I never knew I had, I've never felt stronger or had more energy. Ryan pushes you to reach goals that I didn't think I was capable of! Ryan is tough, but he is encouraging and motivating at the same time. The exercises are always different, interesting and challenging. By the end of every work out, I'm amazed at what I accomplished, and feel proud! I have not only reached the goals that I started out with, I have surpassed them. I am in BETTER shape now than I was 20 years ago. And I need to buy new clothes - none of mine fit any more!

Thanks Ryan!

When I discovered Ryan right on the film studio lot with all those credentials and more, I thought why not get the girls from the art department- overworked, and always talking about getting into shape? Ryan has been a total inspiration to all of us and the results are not just how we look - dropping dress sizes etc, we are stronger, have better posture, and more stamina for the crazy world of movie making.

Thanks Ryan,

In search of my inner GI Jane:

All I can say is that after spending a stupid amount of money on joining a gym, hiring a trainer from that gym & feeling maybe 1 tenth better after 6 months.....training with Ryan's workouts has crazily changed my perspective about how I see myself. The 40's crept in...& I felt crippled/defeated. Ryan has changed all that physical/emotional negativity. His method of training is precise, fun, challenging, & he encourages you to find that hidden inner strength & get you where you need to go! This is how I always imagined personal training to be. I feel strong! What more could a girl....I mean a "woman" want!

Thanks Ryan!!


I am always on the lookout for ways that I can improve and refine my physique. I was recently seeking out activities that would complement my gym routine, and that I would also enjoy doing. Ryan's kettlebell workouts fit the bill on both counts, as the exercises enabled new movements that trained my muscles in different ways, while also providing the variety needed to keep me interested. After a couple of months of kettlebell workouts I can see improvements in both the hardness and shape of my muscles.


I wanted to take a minute to say how happy I am that I am working out again and also to say how much I appreciate how you push me. I have total confidence in your direction! It's really incredible to see the results and I have to admit..... I feel great.

Your friend always.


I just wanted to tell you that I have really enjoyed my workouts as I get fantastic results and the time flies by so quickly. When I get up the morning following a workout, I can actually see improvement in the areas that I worked on. You are tough, but a lot of fun, and very creative! I will do my best to keep up the good work so you will be proud of me.


It's true. Nothing works better than your KettleWorx work outs. I was in the best shape possible. My strength and conditioning were far and beyond anyone around me. It builds strength, conditioning, and confidence.


I was a chicken-wristed shrimp with a dough-boy coating until I started working out with Ryan's workouts. Now I'm well on my way to buffness. The Ryan's work outs don't even hurt…too much. Well, okay they hurt but Ryan's generous encouragement professional, no-nonsense enthusiasm make the work-outs so energizing, fun and motivating that I look forward to the pain.


Like an excited little kid, I rushed home after work today eager to try your new KettleWorx DVD. As promised, it was great! I especially like your words of encouragement throughout the workouts, the motivation really does help.

Thanks you,

After working with Ryan Shanahan and his KettleWorx program for 6 weeks, I am in the best condition of my life. Ryan's approach gets results.


I started the KettleWorx program to prepare for my recent 4 week concert tour of Asia where I performed several shows each day. To keep my body toned while travelling, I would do the workouts in my hotel room every night.


Here are my current stats after following KettleWorx for 6 weeks:
I lost 15lbs and a total of 13.625 inches. It's been very exciting so far, and I'm totally pumped to keep going, now that I have the tools! Thanks again for all of your help and encouragement. I'll definitely keep you posted.


I am new to Kettlebells and I love Ryan's DVD. I am looking forward to his new one.


I love the kettlebell dvds - and I am using it 3x/wk. not bored yet. I've lost some inches around my hips and it's definitely made me stand up straighter & taller!

All the best,

Thanks for the KettleBell work out DVDs. I am already 7 lbs down working out to your DVD's, it's only been 5 weeks. The most amazing thing is I am down 14" overall! (5 chest, 5.5 waist & 3.5 hips).

I am hoping to trim another 18lbs in 6 weeks. We're very impressed so far, we can't wait to get started on the next phase!


When I stated with the DVD I weighed 287 lbs (5'10"), with your exercise routine and diet I now weigh 210 lbs.

Its been amazing.

I totally love my waist and stomach - it has been years, probably since I was in my mid-20's, since they looked so good.


I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying your KettleWorx work outs - they're interesting and challenging, and I appreciate how encouraging and motivating your training style is. Kettlebells are more than I'd hoped for!

Take care.

Just wanted to say thanks for your kettlebell workouts. I'm hooked and really starting to see the benefits. I'm feeling better than ever.

Thanks again,

For me, KettleWorx was the missing link in my fitness journey. It picked up where P90X left off.


I really love this form of exercise. I hope to convince my husband to give it a try as well.


OK, I just did the second workout and I have to say this is my favorite workout of all time. Not only was it effective and loads of fun, but it only took 20 minutes (which is HUGE for me). I know I sound like a testimonial, but I am in love with kettlebells. I've never seen my endurance, strength and flexibility increase so quickly. I love that I cover it all in 20 minutes.

I find all of the other KB videos (I own some of the other ones as well) seem to be really "serious". I'm sure they are all great workouts, but I really like things short, intense and fun.

SO, let me just say thank you for the great workouts

Thanks again, Liz

He are my results after 1 month of KettleWorx workouts.

7.5 lbs gone
5.5 inches gone
1% body fat gone

Jeans that were too tight to breathe in are now loose.

I'm also seeing changes in the areas that you can never hit in traditional workouts (back fat/bra buldge and that little area in front of the arms by your armpit)

Thanks so much,

God bless you, you have the best kettlebell workouts. Keep them coming!!!


Just a quick e-mail to say thank you for your KettleBell DVD. Although it was a present for my wife, Lorraine, we've been working out together. In just a few easy exercises, you cover all of the muscle groups. Well done and a lot of fun!

All the best,

I love my KettleWorx kettlebells because it is by far the most efficient workout I have ever tried. You can have a full gym in your apartment and if you're short on time you can get a killer workout in under 15 minutes.

Stay strong,

In the time that I have been using KettleWorx - I have lost 6 kg's of fat (which doesn't sound like a lot - but I am now 50kg's, so it's just over 10% of my weight) and 40cm's. I have also increased my fitness level to a point that I can comfortably run 5km's - I could never run before - and am developing the most amazing arm, back, shoulder and ab's definition - thanks to increased lean muscle strength and much lower body fat.

I train all the time and can honestly say that kettlebells are the only exercise regime that I have ever stuck to.

I love it!

Kind Regards

I love KettleWorx because it is the most effective and efficient means of exercise available. I don't have to hit the gym or spend several hours working out, and I can put my kettlebell away quite easily. Besides, the workout is a lot of fun!


I love my kettlebell so much it sleeps with me in bed! My fiancé says I'm dead weight anyways...lol.


I've been an athlete on and off for my entire life, but with a busy profession, it's always been near impossible to establish and maintain a workout schedule that let me feel good about myself and achieve my goals. Add marriage and grad school to the mix, and things become even more insane. But then I started using KettleWorx. It has helped rehab my shoulder and been an excellent tool for in-home workouts. I get a quick workout in before work, and I feel better than ever KettleWorx has made that possible.


I love kettlebells because... Being someone who has let himself go over the past couple of years (i.e. less physical activity but the same dietary intake) I've tried to shed the non-muscle weight. The KettleWorx workout, with its range of motion and impact on the whole body, helps a great deal.


I love KettleWorx because it gives me a variety of exercises using one weight, and as a university student that sure makes working out A lot cheaper. They are also easy to transport with out looking like your carrying weights with u, most people don't know what they are so it's kinda stylish lol.


Thank you so much for being so inspiring to me. Your workouts have opened my eyes to new ways to firm and tone muscles that would otherwise go unnoticed...and muscles that are so hard to tone.


I love KettleWorx because it's, hands down, the best way to exercise, get stronger, more cut, and lose weight. I knocked off about 20 pounds, got a lot stronger and don't tire nearly as easy in my sports performance, not to mention, helped my aesthetic look for the San Diego beaches. For me, there is no comparison for kettlebell vs. anything else (lifting weights, running, cardio, etc.) because of the combination of anaerobic with aerobic workout.

Thanks and best of luck,

Hi Ryan
I'd been working with the kettle bell for a few weeks, I really felt how quickly my abs responded. I can't wait to do the exercises in the morning Thanks so much.


I just did the first DVD workout and I got my fiancée doing it too lol He was thinking it was easy when he first saw me doing it and now he is burning in his legs and arms lol! I really love the ab one where you are rowing!


I had to lose weight and rip down 10 pounds from my regular weight for a photo shoot. Ryan Shanahan introduced me to KettleWorx workouts and they were the perfect antidote. It only took a few weeks to get ripped. What happened to my body was truly incredible and I have been working out for over 25 years. If there is one workout I recommend to everyone, no matter what stage of fitness you are at, it's the KettleWorx.

F. Roberts

Just wanted to thank you for all your help. I ordered the 10 lbs kettlebell and your kettlebell workout videos. They were delivered on Friday and have used them everyday since and could feel a difference after the first workout. I love it because I don't have much time for working out and since the cold weather came in I haven't been running very much and your DVDs are great!

Take care,

We're liking the new dvds and I have started developing some better core strength and what may be the beginnings of the elusive "wash-board abs".


I did the first workout yesterday and it was great! I enjoyed it and I felt muscle soreness in places today that I don't usually have. I like the variety of exercises.


KettleWorx workouts. For once I feel I can get it all in and not spend my life exercising.


Hi Ryan,
I have done the DVD a few times. My daughter Ryleigh asks me to do it before bed. She loves doing it with me. It's a good quick and easy work out!

Take Care,

First time I tried yoga since KettleWorx work outs and I was A lot more flexible. That was a surprise!


"Ryan Shanahan's kettlebell workout has been the best thing I have ever done for my fitness! I am now stronger, fitter and more flexible than when I was in my twenties. My core strength has increased dramatically, my posture has improved, and I am getting many comments about how 'ripped' I look. I've been doing gym workouts for years, but it has been Shanahan's kettlebells that have pushed me to new levels. I love how versatile and effective they are, and being able to workout almost anywhere, whether in my home or outdoors in the park, gives me a real sense of workout freedom. Kettlebells are the total workout package, and Shanahan knows kettlebells! Ryan is a true professional, and it shows in his knowledge, passion and dedication to both the industry and his clients."

Greg Carver

I am so happy to report that I lost 12 lbs. I think these are great results and you are the inspiration. Thank you and you can quote me.


Hi Ryan, I finally started doing the DVD and I love it! I'm really deconditioned after not exercising for about 4 years (back to back pregnancies, sick baby, postnatal systemic inflammation, 2 toddlers....you get the idea). The workout is perfect for me as I dread cardio and only have about 1/2 an hour a day to work out.

Thanks for all your help,
L. Hallsworth

Here are my current stats after 6 weeks (I don't want to call them "final" just yet, because I'm hopefully going to lose more!) I have lost 15 lbs and 13 total inches. It's been very exciting so far, and I'm totally pumped to keep going! Thanks again for all of your help and encouragement. Rebecca -
So far I've done 2 weeks and have lost 4 pounds and my pants are fitting better.


I have dropped down almost 6% in body fat percentage since the beginning of KettleWorx! Thanks for kicking my butt in the mornings.


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